Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Feature

Today's Friday's Feature is one of my Designing Artists Women's Group on Etsy (DAWG Team), Elisa Chong aka SexyMermaid on Etsy. I picked her because she does faeries and Mermaids and with Halloween around the corner I thought it was appropriate. I love her whimsical!  I had a hard time picking just one of them for this blog so I picked TWO!

Elisa Chong is a full time artist who loves to paint fantasy art, mostly of mermaids, faeries and other cute and fantastic creatures in vibrant, fun, colorful watercolors.She also creates illustrations, custom tattoo design and conceptual art.

Besides painting, she loves to grow and collect roses, listen to great music, cook delicious international recipes, and draws almost 24 hours a day.

So go visit Elisa's Etsy shop. Here's the link:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bring on the Ghouls, Ghosts & Goblins

It will soon be Halloween...ghosts & goblins...pumpkins & halloween candy...trick or treat.

I so enjoy handing out the candy and seeing all the costumes and talking to the kids. And then watching the kids who come back for a second time, once with a mask and once without thinking you wouldn't know they were just there. LOL

If it's a pleasant evening  my neighbors and I will sit outside on folding chairs handing candy out to the kids walking by. So bring on the ghouls, ghosts and goblins and the little princesses, fairies and witches!
The  watercolor ACEO pictured above is available in my Etsy's the link:

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a couple of days!

Well what a couple of days. I went to VA Beach but before I left my kiln malfunctioned and didn't shut off. It fired so hot it burned through the fire brick. Something woke me up at 5 am. I went into the garage and everything was hot to the touch... It's a wonder my house didn't ignite. I threw open the garage door & manually shut off the kiln.  Later I went out to buy a new kiln. When I came home I thought I'd try to salvage some of the porcelain but most of it was fired so hot it stuck to the kiln & kiln furniture.

That is with 2 exceptions... .2 cross "rosary" boxes similiar to the one pictured which I had painted the Blessed Mother on!  All the other china paints were fired completely out of the other porcelain but these 2 pieces had the faint image of Mary on them.  I personally believe that she protected me & my house. My bedroom sits right over the garage.  She woke me I'm sure.  I store gasoline, paints, denatured alcohol  & other flammable chemicals in the garage and nothing ignited!

Well then in trying to save the china, I cut my hand...with only 3 hours before I left for Virginia Beach. It wouldn't stop bleeding so I went to the Urgent Care and they put 2 stitches in my left index finger.  I'm left handed! And then they gave me a tetanus shot. So for the weekend with my cousins I had a sore finger, sore arm and then from the reaction to the shot had flu like symptoms, a headache and couldn't stay awake!  We went to Mass Sunday before we left and I was getting sick in Mass & even started having a panic attack. My daughter drove home because I was so drowsy.  What a weekend!

Today I feel much better but it's so hard to type. It takes me forever. Now I have a new kiln and I'm $1500 in the hole. I have to do a hot fire to cure it and I'm a little bit nervous .  It is programmable so it will be safer than the old 25 year old kiln. But I'm still nervous.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Lucky I Am!

Waking up early at my cousin's beach house, I can't help think how lucky I am to have the family I do. From the time we were kids to now when we have our own kids (and some grand kids) we have kept that family connection and love.  My cousins in Virginia Beach had a father who was in the Navy and so they lived many places but yet we all managed to stay close.

It's been a while since I've been here because of my parent's health problems but when we get together it is like we have never been separated and haven't aged a day. I know the mirror will argue with that but my eyes see something different.  It's wonderful to get those big hugs and spend time together up until the wee hours of the morning telling stories, laughing, eating and having cocktails. 

I know this trip will be over too soon and it will be like when I was a kid and would come with my parents to their parent's house out by Lake Smith. We will hug and cry and I will feel like there is a hole left in my heart until I get those big Polish hugs again.

The ACEO pictured is a water color called "Waiting for Daddy". When I painted it, it was inspired by my cousins whose Dad was in the's the link on Etsy:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Feature

DollsandBunnies is my feature today.  Ella is a member of my Old Farmhouse Gathering team.  She is  a wife and mother of 9 children and 6 grandchildren.

Ella has been a doll maker for many years making a variety of dolls and other crafts. She tries  to make each one unique with a special character.  Carefully and lovingly made by hand they will make a wonderful gift or even as  a treat for you!

Ella says, "These are dolls that will make your heart melt. They have endearing charm and are a sure treasure for young and old." So drop by Ella's shop on Etsy. Here is the link: Pictured here is my personal favorite, Dorothy. Here's the link to Dorothy:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something to Crow About

Crows are fascinating little critters. There are lots of them in my yard these days.  Did you know?

Crows are considered to be one of  the most adaptable and intelligent birds in the world. They have their own little language which is very evolved and varied. They can mimic animal sounds. They are pretty smart! They can even associate the noises with distribution of food! You can find them all over north America and they will live successfully in cities or suburban areas with humans.

Night time is the favorite time for crows to roost and in the winter they'll roost in flocks of thousands. Smaller groups will fly during the day to fifty miles to find food.
Crows will eat just about anything available: insects, small amphibians and snakes, earthworms, eggs and nestling birds, and clams, mussels, and other salt-water invertebrates. They will eat carrion, garbage, and wild and cultivated fruit and vegetables.

Crows prefer coniferous trees and will build their nests of branches in twigs in woods or isolated trees at least sixty feet above ground. That's probably why there are so many in my yard....good habitat for them.

Crows have quite the good little family life going on. They lay 4-6 eggs. Both parents share in the care of the eggs. Of those hatchlings one young bird will hang around to help the parents through the next nesting season in caring for the new babies. They'll bring them food and guard the nest.
The wooden hang tag pictured above is painted in acrylic and is available in my Etsy shop. Here's the link:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some facts you may not know...

..and neither did I until recently when I was watching a program which reminded me about this watercolor ACEO I painted a while ago.

Chief Sitting Bull was a fascinating person. He was Lakota chief and holy man. He also had nerves of steel & was a visionary. In the middle of a battle in1872 he led four warriors out between the battle lines, sat down & shared a pipe with them as bullets flew. He he put out the pipe and nonchalantly walked away.

Another time he was doing a dance ritual, offering prayers to the Great Spirit, and he slashed his arms one hundred times as a sacrifice.  While all this was going on he had a vision where he saw soldiers falling into the Lakota camp like grasshoppers falling from the sky. Turns out that came true when Custer...remember him....charged Sitting Bull's camp. Of course Custer was outnumbered, took his "last stand" and was slaughtered.

After a few years, he couldn't feed his people anymore. Seems the buffalo was nearly extinct so he surrendered.  he was sent to a reservation where he wasn't welcomed and as a result he was then sent to Ft. Randall to be kept like a prisoner of war for a couple years.

 In 1883, Sitting Bull was sent back to rejoined his tribe. The Indian agent in charge of the reservation,wasn't too fond of him and forced him to work in the fields. Later he was permitted to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for a few months before returning back to his home.  But that didn't end it.

He had another one of his visions  this time of  a meadowlark and heard it say, "Your own people, Lakotas, will kill you."  Sitting Bull went to join another group of Indians in some kind of dance to rid the world of white people. People were still afraid of his power and 43 lakota policeman came to put him in custody but a gunfight broke out and he was hit in the head with a bullet.

What a brave man. 

If you are interested in the ACEO here's the link from my shop.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Friday Feature

So  you all know I'm a painter and I love to look at other people's work.  That's why I so enjoy my Friday Features. Today I am featuring a new member of my Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. Her name is Lorretta from Port St Lucie and her shop is PumpkinPatch on Etsy. Here's the link

But don't be fooled by the shop name. She's got much more than pumpkins in that patch. You can find some tigers and dragonflies in the way of fine art as well hiding along side them.

Loretta is very talented. She is a color pencil & batik artist with incredible skill. The photo shown is my favorite from her shop. Please drop by and take a look. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shedding A Few...

Well a friend tipped me off to a website I thought I'd share with you. It's . Got a few pounds to loose. It will help you. I haven't used the whole site but I have been using the nutrition tracker (calorie counter).It's helped me shed about 5 pounds.

There are lots of other parts to it too but I haven't taken advantage of it. There's a exercise tracker, community support, articles, you name it. Maybe I'd loose more if I did more but I just don't have the time to do it.  Feeling like Santa with a few pounds to shed too? You might want to check it out.
Speaking of checking it out. The handpainted china Santa bell ornament is available in my Etsy shop Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler . Here's the direct link

Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the winner is....

....drum roll please.....the winner is...........Patricia/Painted Prose. Thank you all for participating. I hope to have another give away during December! Keep checking back.

Fall is here. The other day a friend of mine and I went to Larriland. It's a farm up north of where I live. I went there to pick apples but I never got to the apples. I got lazy. The have a store there and all the fruit and veggies were already picked so guess what I did? LOL 

They had the cutest little gourds and I bought a bunch of them for a basket on my kitchen table.I bought some peppers and the end of the seasons tomatoes.  They had flowers for picking so I paid for my cup and I filled it up with beautiful flowers. I ended up with 3 vases of flowers out of it. They are so lovely. I remember to get straw bales for my son and pumpkins. And guess what I forgot? THE APPLES!
If you like the ACEO on the right side. It's an original watercolor. It is available in my Zibbet Shop. Here's the link

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Feature

...better late than never! I have been so busy today that I just got the time to write my blog.  Today's feature comes from my blog give away list......See it pays to participate in my give aways! Who knows you too can be featured.

Anyway today I'm featuring Valerie aka Yorkie's Primitives on Etsy  
She happens also to be one of my Old Farmhouse Gathering Team mates. Gosh we have such talent on OFG from primitive to cottage. It's all so beautiful. And Yorkie is one of those talented people. She's been crafting for most of her life. She started with sewing, then macrame,quilting, cross stitching, ceramics, woodworking and then she stumbled onto primitives and she found her niche.

 Check out some of her gorgeous work.

She also has a selling blog. I didn't know that until I started doing this research. How cool is that. Here's the link to it.  She's so creative. Check out her Pear Pin Keep.

Tonight is the last night to enter my blog give away. It's a couple entries back. I draw the winner tomorrow Oct 9.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More from the Sketchbook

Two more pages from my sketchbook. Remember my theme is Make Mine a Double.

"Two" Colored Pencil
This page was fun to do. I just doodled some twos and filled them in with colored pencil. The page to the left is some scrapbooking paper glued to the page. I like that way that turned out. It looks nice. I was a little disappointed because when I sprayed the arrow the spray glue got a little thick in one area. I should have just redone it but I thought the glue would dry away. No luck. So I'm stuck with a wet looking mark but I learned a valuable lesson from it! Next time just redo it!
"Mirror Mirror" watercolor pencils

The mirror, mirror page is watercolor pencils. I was trying to be so frugal with the water and paint so that it didn't go through. I'm no so crazy about how this turned out. I may work a little more on it. In fact the first page I did, the Double Cheeseburger I went back and put more detail and then a red and blue line at the bottom. I replaced the scan on the last blog about the sketchbook. It needed something it was up too far and I guess I didn't plan the page out well enough. The lines help fill the page.

Well this sketchbook is not so easy to work with because the pages are so thin. If I stick to colored pencil I think I'll be okay. I had to glue a couple pages together because you could see the art from the other side. I kind of like the 2 pages together because it gives it some substance. Stay tuned for more pages from the book.

Monday, October 4, 2010

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Well, Rose, one of my OFG Team Members on Etsy, featured me on her blog. Here's the link:

So I thought I'd show you some of the BEAUTIFUL work she does. I just love her baskets. AND they are so reasonably priced. They'd make wonderful Christmas gifts, filled or not!  I hope you enjoy watching her work displayed on this widget

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The SKETCHBOOK has arrived!

Well yesterday I received me Sketchbook. I have been thinking about it since I sent for it and I was so excited I worked on it right away.

My theme is Make Mine a Double. I have finished one of the pages.  In reading about this sketchbook project I had heard the pages were very thin and boy are they!  So rather than glue the pages together and loosing pages as others have done, I think what I'll do is do a piece of art on the right and then on the left glue a piece of artpaper on it with a quote, line from a song or some other thing that might relate to my artwork.  I haven't begun working on that as yet but it's coming. I was thinking for the cheeseburger to have the nutritional content! I'll post photos when I finish it. But the art first!

I had wanted to do watercolor but the pages are so thin so I am going to work lightly with watercolor pencils and control the amount of water I use on the brush.
Colored pencils seem to work the best so far for me. The Double Cheeseburger is colored pencil. The cover is Delta Acrylic paints sprayed with a matt finish.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hand Painted Porcelain Blog Give Away

It's been a while since I've done a give away and I think it would be a good time to do it. So for this new give away, I offer a china painted faux leather vase.

It's 4 1/2 inches high 4 inches wide. Painted with a flower design as faux leather...back has a country scene in a circle. Paints are an overglaze and fired into the glaze so they are permanent and dishwasher safe.

So here's the rules

 1)  Eligible to US Residents only.
2)  Time Period today until October 8th.
3)  One entry per person.
4)  Two entries if you visit my Etsy Shop and post a link to your favorite item:
5) Three entries if you visit my Etsy Shop, Post a link to your favorite item: AND follow my blog.
6)  Must post your email address in comment box so that the winner can be contacted.


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