Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reflection on Life

It's been a strange week.  Three people I know lost family this week. Three celebrities lost their life this week. So I was thinking about life.  It's so fragile and we don't know how long we will be here or how long the people we love will be here.  This reminds me that every minute of every day is precious with our friends and family.  Remember to cherish those seemingly unimportant moments of life because each of those moments is precious.

You can't go back in time and spend more quality time with your loved ones. After someone leaves this earth it's impossible to say I'm sorry or I love you.  So do those things today. Say I'm sorry. Leave the grudges behind. Say I love you. Hug a little tighter. Make that kiss last a little longer.  Time is short.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birds & DAWGs


Did you wonder what birds & dawgs have in common? Its raining and dreary and there are no birds singing this morning so I figured, I'd just find myself some! LOL...these pieces of art are by members of my Team on Etsy called, "Designing Artists Women's Group" or DAWG Team...I hope you enjoy them and maybe you'll even here their bird calls! :)


An ACEO by Carol Megivern...Entitled "Rose-Breasted Grosbeak". The link to the listing:

Here's an ACEO by Myrna Migala or Thanks4Lookin on Etsy. The link: Entitled: TITLE: "Owl Love Too"


This is a larger piece of art by Brenda Thour. It's an original 8 x 10 oil painting.  She's known as Luvs2paint on Etsy.  The link to the piece is:



A cute ACEO from Lisa Parker or LisaKGallery on Etsy.  It's a hummingbird at a feeder. And here's the link:


The next one is another miniature ACEO by Marlene Hawkins aka. Lazyhawk on Etsy. It's a Common Eider Duck.  The listing:


Another hummingbird ACEO. This one is BackroomTreasures on Etsy or Judy OHara.  The link:


And last but not least MINE!  JYWheeler on Etsy. This is a crazy ACEO watercolor called, "You Call ME Chicken?" Here's the listing:









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