Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Eyes Have It

So today I had to visit the eye doctor to schedule my cataract surgery. I'm a little more than  nervous about all of this because my eyes are so precious to me as an artist.

I came home from the visit and I have done 2 sketches/studies, one of a girl and one of a guy. It's like I have to get all this stuff done just in case something goes wrong.

The good news is, is that he will correct my astigmatism and I also won't have to wear glasses any more. The bad news is in order to do that he will have to take my close up vision....so I'll have to wear reading glasses.

I asked if it will affect my paintings....he said his wife was an artist and he understands that blues will be more intense and white will have hint of pink or blue. I'm not sure how I feel about that but it might be interesting to compare new and old paintings I guess.

Surgery is August 11, pray for me please....so the "girl study" was done with dilated eyes...maybe I should just keep the cataracts and keep my eyes dilated.

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