Monday, June 8, 2015

Blessed but Busy!

Sorry I haven't been posting on this blog lately but I have been busy. First off, I had a beautiful new baby Grandson, Deaglan Bryan born the end of February and then 3 months later arrived another beautiful new Grand daughter, Evelyn Mae the end of May.  
Deaglan Bryan
Evelyn Mae "Evie"

My friend Jeannie's shop was opening in end of May so I've been frantically trying to paint up a storm to give her lots of new things for this year's beach season. If you are in the area of Chincoteaque Island, drop by Sandpiper Boutique, 6142 Maddox Blvd., Chincoteague Island, VA 23336. It has lots of beautiful Home Decor. In addition, Jeanne makes her own line of designer bags. All the linings are waterproof. If you can't get by the Boutique visit her new Etsy shop to see some of her bags:

I just listed a few new pieces in my Etsy shop as well. The one pictured is my favorite.  I am quite a fan of cottage style.

Also listed in my shop is some new more modern designs. I have been working with zentangle on porcelain and I have a couple of those as well in the shop. They have a very modern look to them quite different from my cottage leaning style.

So drop my my shop and check out my new zentangle designs and let me know how you like them....

Have a great day, Joann

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