Sunday, November 11, 2012

My New Fur Baby

Well after waiting for 8 weeks, my fur baby came home today...finally!   We picked him up from the breeder, Sunshine Acres Cockapoos.

Luigi was a very good boy. He took right to the leash and he even sat nicely in his booster seat.

It must have been his first time on grass because when we put him down, he ran to the sidewalk. We had to convince him that grass was a good thing. But once he got the hang of it, he loved it. Especially the fallen leaves. I'm sure he thought God put those there just for him to play with. He's getting the hang of sit as well. By the time I get the trainer here, I might already have him trained! He's so smart (but then again, isn't everyone's child the smartest in the world?)!

It took 6 hours before he finally went to pee. I was a nervous wreck. I even emailed the breeder. But once he got the hang of it, the next time I took him out he went right away, thankfully.  Glenn and I went out for a quick errand while he was asleep. I had put him in the crate and gently closed it. When we came back he was just sitting in there but he jumped up like "where did you people go?"

I wanted a dog that would be a family dog but I'm thinking that he's going to be attached to me. He follows me around like a baby chick and if he falls asleep, it's right by my side. I keep putting him on Glenn's lap but he won't stay there.

He is such a well behaved, well tempered dog. I couldn't ask for a more perfect one.  And he was one of the best decisions of my life.

If you are in the market for a cockpoo, I can highly recommend Barb at Sunshine Acres Cockapoos .

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day ...Did you vote?

Got up early this morning and high tailed it up to the polling place. It wasn't bad, just an hour wait. I generally wait until mid day when there are no lines but I had my grandson with me who wanted to go out for breakfast. I had brought a big ole toosie-pop with me to keep him busy and it lasted him almost to the end of the line! LOL

We used the wait to talk about elections, how people in other countries don't get this opportunity, how important voting is and why we should vote.  The election judge gave him a sticker too!

I'd like to take a moment to remember the people who sacrificed their lives & serve in the military  to give us this right. I heard a man say on TV today that voting is your duty to your country. I never thought of it that way.  I always vote even in primaries and some time during that time, I always think about our men & women in uniform....God Bless America.

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