Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Painting is Like Eatting A Box of Chocolate

Lately I've been painting porcelain like a crazy person. For me, it's like eating chocolate. You can't eat one piece you end up eatting the whole box (well atleast I do). So I have been painting one thing after another. I've painted so much I've had a hard time getting it all up on my website.

I bought some lusters and I have been trying somethings with that...more to come on that later. Another topic for another blog.
This photo is one of a footed dresser box that I have on Etsy. It's one of my favorite new pieces. It's painted with the image of a beautiful woman, surrounded in a green background & by 24 kt. hand applied gold details. The bottom of the box is tamped with the same green color. It's 4 inches round...wonderful box for earrings, rings or whatever little things you have on your dresser.

Click here for the link to this piece of porcelain.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard work.....

So why is it that leaves never go away. I have raked those darn leaves at least 5 times between fall and spring each time filling a ton of bags with leaves and assorted yard wastes.  So today I go out to trim some shrubs and low and behold..........LEAVES!  Now I know the last time I raked those leaves, I ended the day thinking they all were what happened!  I know they must hang from the trees waiting for me to finish and then they gleefully drop back down.  I love trees but these days at my age I'm thinking that I should just take most of them down in the yard. It's such a job to keep up with.


The good news of today is that that lousy 30 year old lawn mower finally died. Hurray.....I hate that thing. It was so hard to start. I just couldn't do it myself. I'd usually get a neighbor help me with it. I may have inavertantly killed the darn thing. Glenn mentioned one of the gas containers has motor oil in it. He asked me when was the last time I put gas in it and that if someone had used the wrong container and put oil in the gas, it would have ruined the why didn't he tell me that years ago? I'd have killed it then! LOL  Now we have a NEW easy to start lawnmower.


Anyway so this handpainted wine glass from my etsy shop reminded me of this little story.  There's 2 in the etsy shop. Here's the link:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Motherhood: What it means to me.

Happy Mother's Day. Reflecting on what it means to be a mother, it brought to mind this tea trivet I painted. Forget me nots........I hope my children never forget me as I can never forget them. This dedicated to them.

Being a Mom to me means:

*Love: Love that is unconditional, unbounding and everlasting from the instant you are aware of that wonderful little life inside you until the end of your life and beyond the grave.

*Concern: Concern for your children's well being from the moment of conception.  Concern that sometimes means putting your child before you own needs. Which brings me to:

*Sacrifice: Sacrifice of your time and resources and sometimes even sacrificing little of yourself for the betterment of your children.

*Happiness: Happiness brought about from little things like a finger painting, a fresh picked dandelion, a homemade card, a phone call or a long tight hug. Some of my best presents were just a post it note with "I'm sorry Mom, I love you."

*Understanding: Understanding that the little life inside you will change your life. Understanding that the little baby before you will very soon be  young woman or man. Understanding that your child is an individual who isn't necessary a clone of you who deserves respect. Understanding that you need to let go sometimes, let them make their mistakes and Give God and not be judgemental. (a struggle for me sometimes).

*Courage: Courage to say no even when it means you may not be their favorite person. Courage to be their mother and not their friend.

*Teaching: Teaching them to be kind, considerate, generous, loving, to respect others, to be color blind to the human race, about God, to love God with all their being, Christian values & to stand up for what they believe in.

You know all Mom's love their children, but not all Mom's LIKE their children. I am very lucky. I LIKE my children.  I am so lucky to have them. They have grown up to be wonderful adults. Life has not always been bed of roses with them but then again if you want the roses, you have to take the thorns huh?



Forget Me Not Tea Trivet available in my Etsy's the link





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