Friday, October 31, 2008

Sales are picking up!....

....on Etsy.....thank you God......hope it continues. Which makes me think if sales of arts & crafts are up, then the economy can't be that bad!

Today's feature is an ACEO card to celebrate Halloween.....This card is available in my Etsy shop. Click here. It's a watercolor, original entitled "Fright Night"

I hope you don't have a fright night but a fun night. I always enjoy the little ghouls and gobblins that come up to my porch for a treat and never a trick!

That reminds me of when I was a kid......I'm sure glad kids are not like we were. I remember all the tricks we'd play on "Moving Night" moving things from one yard to another. Or the year we got stopped by the police with a pocket full of eggs....we didn't toss them at houses just each other....ah the good old days.

Anyway I hope you have a safe, blessed, fun night..........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Like this piece?

I sure do. It's Handpainted Porcelain China painted cheese board. Size: 10 x 6 inches. Painted with three cottage/victorian style white roses with blue accent background.

Hang this lovely piece of porcelain as a decorative piece and then when you entertain, just take it down and use it as a cheeseboard. Dishwasher and microwave safe. I suggest cutting cheese on the unpainted side so as not to marr the glazed finish.

It's in my Etsy shop for $19.99...UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2008.....I'm feeling like a sale So if you want this at $15 you can convo me through my Etsy shop:
I will reduce the price and put it in the Reserved for Customer section for you.

Here's the listing link

Monday, October 20, 2008

ACEO's & Mat About You

Today I'm featuring one of my art cards or ACEO's. ACEO's are miniature pieces of art.

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals". These cards are always 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches which is the size of a trading card. Cards will be sold either as originals or editions. Make sure you know which you are buying! If it is a print it should say so, and it should be numbered and signed, usually on the back.

Art Cards were intended to be traded! In the past artists would swap these trading cards. It was difficult for the public to obtain these cards. Now you can bid or buy the fun original pieces of art. You can obtain these little precious pieces of art from artists from all over the world in different mediums and of different subjects and in all style of art work from Realism to Abstract and everywhere in between. Frame them or trade them. These are collectable and now very affordable.

This one is of a largemouth bass. It's in colored pencil on black suedeboard. Titled "Largemouth". Here's the link to the listing in my shop LARGEMOUTH

Now for another feature!
A wonderful shop in Ellicott City, Maryland. Recently 2 china painting friends and I put some of our pieces in MAT ABOUT YOU. Go visit their website. You can find some wonderful American handmade crafts, art, jewelry and beautiful framing......check them out!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet Another Etsian!

So I'm shopping in Savannah. I come across an ACEO that I wanted to buy but the artist was not in her studio. The artist on the other side said he didn't know her but to come back. So long story short. I went back.

I told her I wanted to buy the ACEO. She seemed surprised I even knew what that was. I told her I bought, sold, and traded them on Ebay and Etsy. She said she too was on Etsy. She asked me the name of my shop and I told her JYWheeler and she said she was Snitterdog. I said, "Hey I think I know you from the forums!". Turns out we were both admirers of each other's funny is that. I invited her to join our Etsy Team Designing Artists Women's Group (DAWG Team) which focuses on ACEO's.

So here's Kerry & the ACEO I purchased. Visit her shop:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Feeling Practical Today!

...hence today's feature....a scissor holder. Do you always loose your scissors? I do. Here's the solution a scissor holder (scissors not included). Hang it in your cottage kitchen or craft room. Painted in pink roses on a light pink background on wood.
Here's the link to my etsy listing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Luke 2:12

This is the last of my entries into the OFG Holiday Celebration. Called Luke 2:12. Size 7 1/2 inches.....acrylic on wood round plaque. Scene: Sheppard and sheep looking to the Star.

Around the edge reads: You will find a baby wrapped in clothes lying in a manger" Luke 2:12 Wire hanger.

I really need to take a better picture of this. It has a high gloss finish so the reflection of the light plays havoc with it! It's available on my esty here for the direct link.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's getting to look a lot like Chrisssss....mus

every where I go...well not really but I wanted to feature something from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Holiday Celebration. I have 3 things in this season's promotion. One was the laughing snowman bottle and the next is this beautiful decorative Christmas Plaque. It's adapted from a Donna Atkin's free pattern. Mary, Joseph & Jesus under the Star of Bethlehem. It's available in my Etsy shop - click here Tommorrow look for the third........ and check out my entire Etsy Shop - for more decorative art, china painting & miniature art.

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