Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crazy Dream

so last night I took a Benedril which always knocks me out. Well this morning I slept til a little past 9 am making me late for my normal 9 am Mass...I must have in my mind realized I was missing mass and I had this crazy dream:

I was late for mass in a very large double cab truck with Melissa Serafin (our youth minister), John Boyle (her fiance who was driving), Kevin Wajek (another youth group adult volunteer). There was an altar set up on Ft. Smallwood Road near the Stoney Creek Bridge along the street near the Shell Station (all you people from The Dena will recognize this spot).

There was Father Brian with 2 altar boys offering mass. No one else was there. They were in the middle of mass and I said to John are we too late in the mass to go and still get "credit" for it? Of course John knew everything about the church because he went to seminary. He said in a very official knowledgeable voice ' No according to the church rules (but he used another big word for it) we are able to attend and still be able to get credit for it). But he couldn't find a place to park is large truck.

He tried to get into one spot and hit a little yellow car so he left that spot. We had to park blocks away and run to Mass. Of course when we got there mass was over and we were very disappointed.

I was so upset I woke up and it was after 9 am which is when I generally go to Mass on Sunday morning leaving me to go to a later Mass. How weird is that?

--------------------ACEO "Before the Blessed Sacrament" Not for Sale - Painted for my beautiful daughter.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chocolate Quesidilla Yumm

I'm not such a good cook so I'm always looking for recipes that are easy like no cook or minimum ingredients or just plan simple. Of course I just LOVE chocolate and I came across this cook recipe.

It would look great cut up in pieces and served on my tidbit tray available on Etsy. The tray is handpainted kiln fired porcelain so it's dishwasher safe & microwave safe. I would however take off the handle which just screws in before microwaving or putting in the dishwasher. Anyway if you are interested in the tray just click the picture and it willl take you to the link.

Chocolate Quesadilla

This recipe serves one, but make several if you want to share with others.

1 – fajita-size flour tortilla, either wheat or white
1/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
sugar & ground cinnamon, mixed
powdered sugar

To cook, place the tortilla on a flat skillet sprayed lightly with non-stick cooking spray. Leave just long enough to get warm, then flip over. On one half of the tortilla, pour the chocolate chips (add more if you want more–there’s no such thing as too much chocolate!), and sprinkle with a good heaping of sugar and cinnamon to your own liking. Fold over the empty half of the tortilla, press with a spatula, then flip and press again. Remove from heat when the chips are melted. Cut into four triangles, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and enjoy!

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