Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Sad Day

This photo was taken at the Yori Cousin reunion at the club in 2013.  In the photo L-R are my some of my Yori cousins: Nicky, Sandy and Phil and then me. The photos on the chair are my Aunt Esther and my Dad. Both were planning to be there but died in June 2013 just prior to the reunion. The little boy is my 3rd cousin Nicholas.
My cousin Sandy shared this photo today because last night we lost our cousin Nicky. He is the first of our Yori cousins to leave this Earth. As I was looking at this photo I was reminded of how sweet Nicky was when my Dad died, sitting beside me at the funeral mass holding my hand.. Even after the funeral, he would call me from time to time or drop me a message on Facebook, inquiring about how I was doing. He was one of a kind, a sweet, caring person with a strong  love of family that was passed down to us by our grandparents and parents.
My Dad was next to the youngest of his family so many of my Yori cousins were a bit older than I was. When we were younger we of course spent time together at family functions but I didn't have the pleasure of hanging out with them. It makes me sad that I missed those times with Nicky and didn't get to know him better.
As I look at this photo I think of all the other Yori family on the other side, Grandmom, Grandpop, Uncle Vito and Aunt Esther, Uncle Goody and Aunt Lucy, Aunt Phil, Aunt Nat and Uncle Carmel, Mom and Dad and now Nicky. Well cousin, you are in good company. I can imagine the laughter and hugs that are being shared there on the other side. And as Sandy said, there's probably a card game going on too.
One day we will all be there together.

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