Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Sale!

Things have been a little crazy for me. My Mom had a heart attack and some crazy rare complications. She almost died. I haven't had much time for promotions and my blog but today I was thinking I should do something.

I began to think about Lent. Most of us give something up for Lent and we are supposed to pray, fast and give alms. So I was thinking, if you all have been doing the prayer, fasting & almsgiving, then it's time you get a little reward for that effort! LOL 

So I'm doing my part for you. I will over until Easter, 15 percent off anything in my Etsy shop. Just use the coupon code: Easter15 .  Have a blessed Lent and Easter! Oh and keep my Mom, Theresa in your prayers.
The rosary box above is available in my shop (rosary not included).  Here's the link:

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