Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mystery Solved

So picture this. A workman is sitting on the floor in front of the pellet stove in the family room.

The hubby was getting ready to leave for work and he said to me, "Hey is this coffee pot supposed to talk?"  I said, "HUH? NO." So he said, "Well it's talking." My grandson ran up to it and said, "Granny Jo it's talking". 

 I get up and go with the other 2 to the Kuerig and yes it was talking, however, it had President Obama's voice.  I couldn't make it out what he was saying.

My grandson says, "it's coming out of the wall". And now I'm thinking, is the Government now snooping on us through our appliances?

Now the workman turns around and he's watching us like a bad movie.
And here's 3 of us with our ears to the wall trying to hear what Mr. Obama is saying and where it's coming from.

It was on one side of the wall in the kitchen nearest the coffee pot but not on the other side of the wall in the family room. 

It sounded louder lower on the wall.  Then I thought maybe I can hear it better if I open the drawers below the coffee pot. First drawer, still muffled. Second drawer (bread drawer) a little louder but still muffled. Third drawer, a little clearer. Fourth drawer, he was talking about Iraq. I found him.
It was coming out of a transistor radio that belonged to my father who passed away one year tomorrow.

It was tuned into 680AM, a talk radio station that Dad frequently listened to.

I asked Glenn and Mason if they had opened that drawer. No, they both said. Dad was always a joker.  So I guess Dad was making sure I remember that tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of his death. I remembered Dad. Love you and miss you. Thanks for the laugh.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saving the Landfill

So I had this rusted up little truck hanging around the garage. Mason has long outgrown it. I hated to throw it away because it's so cute and a friend gave it to me.  So I decided to use it on the patio. It looks so darn cute with the beach bucket & plant in it. Can't take credit for it. I saw something similar, actually the plants were planted inside the bed of the truck but I decided to just use that old bucket too! Saving the landfill one toy at a time!

A Day in the Past

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