Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Sketches

 Another from my Sketchbook Project 2011 (theme: Make Mine a Double)

Colored pencil...I love peeps. It's like double the pleasure double the fun when you can have not just one peep but two! LOL. Anyway in separating the Peeps the one on the right I got a little rough with it. And in my haste gave it a little deformity in his ears. I was going to correct it in the drawing but then I thought why not let sketch it as is. The fun part of drawing them was knowing in the end I could eat them. :) And I am happy to report the deformed one was just as tasty as it's mate.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun Times!

What a great day today was. My son, my grandson and I went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I hadn't been in quite a while so it was nice to go there again. We went very early and still it was very crowded. I would have liked to stay and read the exhibits but when you have a 4 year old you end up jumping from one thing to another...well let's say I maybe got to read one or two. Mason was so excited. It was fun to see the aquarium through his eyes. In the photo to the left. They spotted a conure in the rainforest exhibit.

After the aquarium, we ate at an Irish Restaurant.  Mason loved his new mask. He wore it around the Inner Harbor and then wanted to wear it at lunch til he realized he couldn't eat with it on. My son, Joe had Sheppard's Pie. I had Bangers and Mash and what did Mason want? Spaghetti! LOL   It was a fun day with the boys.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Sketches

So here's another from my Sketchbook Project 2011...the theme was Make Mine A Double.

I love roses! I have 2 rose bushes. Sometimes they are out of control with roses and then other times it's zip. I'm not sure why. I take care of them the same way all the time.

Did you know what the colors of the roses mean? Here it is:

Red Roses desire, passion, courage, respect, beauty, sincerity and say "I love you". A red rosebud symbolizes purity and loveliness.

Coral Roses - desire and passion.

Lilac or Lavender Roses -love at first sight or enchantment.

Orange Roses - desire, enthusiasm and fascination.

Peach Roses - gratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy. Also convey sociability and friendship and send the message "Let's get together". A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty.

Pink Roses - grace, gentility and happiness and express appreciation and gratitude.

Pale Pink Roses - grace, joy, gentility and gratitude.

Light Pink Roses - happiness and fun.Also convey admiration and appreciation.

Deep Pink Roses - express appreciation, admiration, sincerity and sympathy.

White Roses -truth and innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness and charm. A white rosebud symbolizes girlhood.

Yellow Roses - friendship and freedom, convey congratulations, joy, gladness, delight. and a new beginning. Yellow roses with red tips convey friendship and falling in love.

Dead Roses - Dead roses in any color convey "It's over!"
My favorite rose is the white rose? What's yours?

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