Friday, February 28, 2014

Alcohol Ink Art...What is it?

Alcohol ink is all the rage these days in the art circles.  Once used primarily in card making and crafts, alcohol ink is now being used to produce fine art. The paintings are vibrant and fluid in appearance.

Because the inks have alcohol in them, when the colors combine they "explode" with interesting results and designs.  To paint with it, you have to have an almost dry sticky brush. 

Alcohol inks can be used on any non porous surface such as porcelain, glass or gessoed smooth finish art board. Yupo paper also produces wonderful results. Yupo paper is made of plastic pellets . The finish is very smooth allowing the inks to move across the surface.  Here are a few examples of paintings with alcohol in on traditional painting surfaces as well as porcelain. Look for these and other pieces at the Glen Burnie High School craft show (7550 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060)  March 15, 9-3 pm.

Stop by and see me.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's the New Beginnings Celebration for my Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy! What beautiful creations have been made to celebrate Spring by the hands of my teammates at Old Farmhouse Gathering (OFG Team).

If you love Prim or Cottage you will love the OFG Team shops. I'm on the Cottage side of the team. What talent we have on our team!

From February 24 - March 9, search for NBCOFG for the newest spring featured items in our shop.

And everyday search for OFG Team on Etsy to find the very best in Prim and Cottage decor.

Every Thing Spring!

Here's an example of some of the beautiful things you might find. Click on the Caption to take a closer look. This Treasury called Everything Spring was created by a long time team member Kim.  Kim's shop is ValleyPrimitives.

So if you are longing for Spring as I am, browse through Etsy searching for NBCOFG for some relief from this nasty winter!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Happy Paint Party Friday! Today's feature is another alcohol ink painting.  I'm really wishing it were summer...this has been a rough winter. I am looking forward to feeling the water on my toes and the warm sun on my face......

For more really cool art, visit Paint Party Friday Blog at:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

So yesterday I came across this photograph. I was going through a box of photographs that belonged to my parents who passed away last year.  

Every time I found a photo it seemed that everyone in the photo had passed away and I was crying with each photo I looked at.

Then I came across this photo. It cracked me up. I laughed out loud. In the picture it's me, my Dad and my brother Joey. As you can see we were the the verge of hysteria.  My Dad always had a smile on his face, he was always laughing and even on some of the worst days of his life especially at the end, he was always smiling and laughing. That's what I'll always remember about him.

It was as if Dad was saying, "Don't cry Joanna, I'm still here. I love you Baby."  Yeah Dad I know you are. I'm getting the signals.

But anyway back to the photo....we were laughing because this was the second photo taken that day. The first one I was sitting on the floor with my knees up!  Mom took the photo and then said afterwards, "Jesus Mary & Joseph, I have to take that damn picture again. Joanna, you gotta hole in them damn pants." I jumped up on the sofa and we all couldn't keep it together. You can see I'm holding those legs together tight. What a crazy memory....Thanks for the laugh Dad.


A Day in the Past

Facebook reminded me that  8 years ago I was at the coliseum in Rome. The most amazing observation I made was that it was so quiet. People s...