Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pumpkins & Witches & Crows OH MY

The Fall Challenge for my Old Farmhouse Gathering Team (OFG) team on Etsy has begun. Our team members are a bunch of talented people which lots of wonderful things from primitive to cottage. Check them out. You can also search on OFGF in tags and titles on Etsy to see all of the wonderful crafts prepared for this Fall event.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Circle of Seasons

This morning I had to run an errand for the people I used to work for so I was up a little earlier than usual. It was so chilly that I was pouting over the fact that summer is over. It was so cloudy and grey it kind of made it even sadder to me.

I really love summer and I wish we didn't have to have Fall because that means we get Winter. I'm not a fan of the dead depressing look of winter nor the cold. But then I remembered without the death of winter, we don't get the new life of spring nor the sunshine of summer. So I guess for the next couple of months I can put up with it. And I look forward to next summer!

the picture is of a watercolor ACEO available in my Artfire shop. Click on it to go to the listing.

A Day in the Past

Facebook reminded me that  8 years ago I was at the coliseum in Rome. The most amazing observation I made was that it was so quiet. People s...