Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jamaican Dreams

I was thinking this morning as I was listening to the weather, that I need another Caribbean Cruise!  This cold weather sucks. I'm so tired of it.

My friend Charmaine invited me to go to Key West next month. She goes very year for a month. Last year I went. We had such a good time.  I stayed for almost a week.  This year I turned her down because I was worried about Dad after the stroke. It looks like with all that's happening with him and the congestive heart failure that I probably made a good decision.

But after all this is over I need to go south. In the meantime, I will just keep having my Jamaican Dreams...I painted this little  mixed media ACEO a year or so ago. It's me (okay so I made myself a little skinnier!) having Jamaican dreams....maybe one day soon when life returns to normal and my Dad is in good health I can turn the dreams into reality.

Now for the commercial...for more miniature art and handpainted porcelain, visit my online shop:

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