Sunday, January 1, 2017

Changing Priorities

No more parties on New Year's Eve for  me. Forget the  fancy clothes, the fireworks, the ball drop and the champagne. I have other priorities.

I'd rather be home with my grandchildren watching Shrek, eating ice cream, blowing our little horns and hitting the sack by 8 pm.

I must be getting old...or maybe I'm just getting wise. 

Happy New Year!

After Christmas Sale

January 3-22, my Etsy Team, Folkart and Prims (FAAP) is having a sale!  I'm looking forward to finding some great bargains!

Search AFTERXMASFAAP on Etsy to find the sale items or check out our E-catalogue. If you are on Facebook, join our FAAP Marketplace!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What a View

So today I went with the DH (today's meaning-Darling Husband) to one of his coworker's open house. Steve had knocked down his house and rebuilt it.

His house is on the water in Baltimore County. It has a killer view.

As I sat talking and mostly listening to his coworkers and their wives, I couldn't help day dreaming from time to time as I enjoyed the view.
Available on Etsy
On the way home we were going over the Key Bridge and the sunset was just amazing. I was thinking as I snapped the photo it might be an inspiration for an alcohol ink painting at some point like the print to the right.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mason the Safety & the Maryland State Flag

Acrylic on wood. Available in my Etsy Shop
Mason, my grandson, is back in school. Can't believe he is in 5th grade. He applied to be a Safety this year and was thrilled to be chosen as the Flag Safety. That means every day he puts up and takes down the American Flag and the Maryland State Flag.

We had a big discussion about the Maryland State Flag and how to remember which way was up. I told him the  right corner should have the cross that goes up to Heaven, like Jesus did. I googled it and showed him how it should look.  So the day before yesterday before he takes the flag down, he runs up to my car and say's "Granny Jo look at the flag." I almost spit out my coke. He had it upside down!!!
I told him so but he said that one of the teachers told him that when he put it the way I told him that it was incorrect. I told him, I knew my flag. I worked 35 years for the State of MD and that was one of my pet peeves!  So yesterday he runs out to the car pointing to the flag and I gave him a thumbs up because it was correct.

Mason said the teacher told him again  it was wrong again and instead of being diplomatic, he told her she should google it because Granny Jo worked for the State for 35 years and it's her pet peeve.

Well if this apple box doesn't sell I just might have to give it to her as an apology at the end of the year.

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