Sunday, January 10, 2010

Work Place Humor

So I was doing my usual surfing thing today...not really looking for anything in particular. That's when it seems I find the weirdest stuff on the internet. Well anyway I found this post and found it quite humorous....I may just try this with the people I used to work for! That is if I could disguise my voice well enough:

"Try this on a Friday afternoon for a bit of fun….

Phone up someone in your business that is in a different office (or out of hearsay). Ask for Mr Walls, when you get the response no one called Mr Walls work here ask for Mrs Walls. When they reply that Mrs Walls doesn’t work there ask if they have any Walls. Once the person on the other end of the phone says we have no Walls in the office, quickly scream with a panicked voice, “quick get out the roof will collapse!”

Putting on a different accent and making sure no one called Walls works at your business helps the joke to work!"

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Marlene said...

LOL - That reminds me of one when we were kids, we would call people up and ask if there refrigerator is running, and if they answered yes we would say you better hurry and catch it. One day we asked the question and the man on the other end said yes it is running up and down the stairs and hung up on us. Guess he'd been there done that.

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