Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanks4Lookin Art by Myrna

Meet my friend Myrna Migala.  I met Myrna on Ebay. She sells there as Thanks4Lookin. 

We were both doing ACEOs (miniature art) and were in the same Ebay group.  Over time I became a real fan of her art. I have a number of her ACEO's. Her paintings are always uplifting. Many are very whimsical.  Myrna is a fellow Roman Catholic who likes to paint religious art as well so we had a lot in common.  Right now she has a beautiful ACEO on Ebay of Infant of Prague...just lovely.  I hope you enjoy her interview and enjoy her artwork as much as I do.

1) Tell us about yourself.
I was born in 1940, in Chicago, the middle child of 3, my parents did not spoil me, I had to work for whatever I wanted. The best thing my parents did for me was to send me to a Catholic school. I loved it and always knew it was a treasure. Today I am married almost 50 years, together we raised 6 children and now enjoy our 23 grandchildren.

2) What are your preferred mediums and art scale (miniature, large art, etc)
I enjoy painting any size, and just love watercolor because it is so unpredictable.

3) What are your inspirations.
My inspirations go with my mood, sometime I want to paint something that will bring a smile, sometime I paint to make people think and othertimes I just want to express myself and exercise my imagination. I do say a little prayer while I am painting at times, especially if I am painting something religious.

4) Describe your art style.
My style, is my own, just like handwriting, sometime I feel free and loose other times like my handwriting I try to be very neat. For some reason whenever I try a new style by going out of the box, I always seems to drift back to a more realistic style little by little.

5) Do you do anything other than painting (jewelry, crafts)
Not really at this time, in my past I have tried different needle works, sewing, clay, painting on rocks, and writing.

6) If you blog, what is your blog link.
No I do not blog, except on our shared art group blog with designing artist ning, once in awhile.

7) Where do you sell online? I sell mainly on Ebay, Etsy, and Artfire at this time.

8) Are you opened to commission work?
No I don't encourage it; not sure why, however I have been asked several time to do a special painting and have not refused anyone, yet. In fact I am just getting ready to do a large painting someone requested from an ACEO, that I created. I think the reason why I am not really opened to doing commission because I am very particular about the subject I paint.

9) What was your favorite piece of work? If you have a photo, include it.
I really love my paintings, little ACEO's of the Catholic Saints, I list them as handpainted holy cards on Ebay and most of them sell. The most recent one that has a bid currently is that of St.Christopher. Can't really say this is my favorite because my favorite happens to be whatever Saint I am painting at the time.

10) Do you sell in a brick & mortar shop? If so where?
Years ago I sold many of my painted rocks in a near-by shop but now that I have stopped painting on rocks and moved on to watercolor paper I haven't tried selling in a brick/mortar shop, nor any craft shows, nor have I ever shown or entered my work at a gallery.

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Marlene said...

Great interview, I too am a fan of Myrna's, she has a lovely style that works so well with the watercolors she loves to use.

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