Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Give Away & Snow

So last week I was featured on the Primitive Peddler Blog and this week it's Home Spun Annie.  Annie is giving away some cute ornies.  If you leave a comment (follow the instructions) you can be eligible for the give away. It's up for a week (until Next Friday).

I tried to post a photo of what was giving away but it won't let me copy it so  go click on this link to go to the give away.

Well how do you like the snow....the timing sucks. I have to go to a wedding this afternoon in this mess.....UGHHHH....the DH is working so I have go to myself. I'm thinking maybe I'll just do the wedding and skip the reception since the church is close but the reception is near Baltimore. I guess that will depend on the roads.

AND remember I told you I bought a snow blower last snow storm? Well guess who's DH hasn't put it together yet. He's at work and I'm at home with a snowblower that I'm having a hard time assembling

Oh well I guess it could be how much snow do you have?


Bouncy Biscuit said...

We are stuck in the snow too!

Paula Tomey-Allen said...

Our snow in SW Iowa has been here FOREVER!

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