Friday, December 9, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Today's Paint Party Friday feature is this little tea caddy. China painted on porcelain, I painted 51...yes you read it right 51 of these little guys for my daughter's bridal shower. They all had different designs on them. Mostly floral or fruit.  I had a decal made up for the back that I fired on them. It read "Jackie and Jay 1.14.12" (the date of their wedding).

They were a big hit at the shower. Everyone loved them. I also painted several teapots for game prizes. The one in the middle I painted for my daughter and the one behind it with the grapes was painted for her new mother in law.

So that's what I've been painting lately! LOL.....the little grape tea caddy pictured is available in my Etsy shop. Here's the link.

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Theresa said...

51????? Holy smokes - you are one disciplined lady! I've never painted on impressed with the depth and detail you've captured! off to check out your shop:)

Anonymous said...

oooo, thats really pretty,

EVA said...

What a perfect post for this week's poll and what wonderful painted gifts.

Christine said...

what a lovely idea, practical too besides being pretty.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Wow! 51!!
You are prolific!
How kind of you to create these unique gifts for your daughter's shower!!

So lovely.

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Geckostone said...

Oh my gosh these are amazing, especially the fact that you did so many, ya sure you didn't use magic? They are beautiful!!! Deb

carlarey said...

I am impressed with the painting, but I am blown away by the amount. Can't imagine what the last ones would have looked like if I'd done this.

SHERI C said...

It is very pretty. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy PPF!

Heather said...

Very beautiful!!! Happy PPF just a bit late!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, your work is amazing! and all different designs?! wow! how wonderful to have giveaways made by the bride's mother! happy PPF and thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

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