Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Menu Planning

Every 4 years I get the rotation for the Wheeler family Christmas. It's always painful for me because I hate cooking, baking, etc. Not to mention that I burn things and have my Lucy Episode Kitchen Catastrophes!

Well this year on the menu is Turkey (of course), Honey Spiral Ham, Sausage Stuffing, Scalloped Corn,  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Biscuits, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Brownies, Rum Cake and pie. So what do you think My son is bringing another pie.  My daughter is bringing a sweet potato casserole. My sister in laws are bringing pie and a vegetable casserole and my brother in law is bringing mashed potatoes. You might laugh but my mashed potatoes are called Mashed Potato Surprise in my house. I just cannot make them from the real thing. It's either burned, watery, lumpy, or too thick. It's better left to someone else.

I generally make kielbasa and sauerkraut but the place I get my polish sausage from went out of business and I don't feel like driving to Baltimore to get it from Ostrowski's. I really need to find a place locally that has it. All sausage is not the same. I cannot stand the stuff from the grocery stores with the thick casings! Yuck!

I cannot wait to do the muffins. Here's the easy:

1 box yellow cake mix
15 oz pumpkin pie filling
1 cup mini chocolate chips

Fill ups 1/2 way, Bake 350 for 12 min. Drizzle chocolate on the top. The blog I got it from gave a good tip. Melt the chocolate in a baggie, cut off the tip and then use it to drizzle the chocolate!   Here's the link to the blog:

Hope your menu planning is going well!

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