Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Do These 2 Things Have in Common?

 The kitchen! Yes, I'm finally going to get my wall under the cabinets tiled. I wanted to do glass tile but it seems lately everyone else is doing that so always wanting to be different, I decided that I would go to tumbled marble tile. It's every beautiful and very European. And I think the design will be timeless.

So stay tuned. I'm having the best contractor in town do the work, my brother! Joe Yori is the owner of Yori's Building Improvement. He does  awesome work if I may say so myself. He does every thing. My Dad always says he's 7 contractors in one because he can do everything, carpentry, brick & stone work, drywall, windows, asphalt, siding concrete ...he does bathrooms, kitchens, additions, siding...commercial or residental....whatever you need he can do it.  He recently did a bathroom rennovation, just finished 2 kitchens, a whole house window replacement & commercial tile work for a restuarant in Ocean City.

Look at these beautiful brick steps he did for me. I was away on vacation, came back and they were there! All I asked for was another row of brick on the top step so my Dad could come in and out of the door easier and he just rebuilt them. I even had a kid who was trick or treating tell me he loved the steps. How funny is that?

So stay tuned for the finished product. I'll post photos afterwards.

Yori's Building Improvement. 443-250-9899 in the Baltimore Area as well as Lower Delaware & Maryland Eastern Shores.

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Can't wait to see the finished product! Like you I would want something different :)

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