Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's just less than a month before... baby (well not so much a baby anymore) gets married. I am so delighted about the young woman Jacklyn Nicole Wheeler has grown up to be. She makes me proud every day of her life. Not ust because she went through one of the most difficult majors in College (Chemical Engineering) with both a bachelor's degree and master's degree. Not just because she is a successful professional woman. Not just because she's beautiful (and she really is). Not just because of her creativity. And not just because she is the most down to earth person I know and a loving daughter, sister, aunt and grand daughter. Not not just because of all of that....I am most proud of her because of her life in the spirit.

Her life is a daily testament to the gospel. It's how she lives her life in faith and in charity in everything that she does. I have always told God I just wanted my children to bring glory to Him...and I feel like my prayer was answered. I am so delighted that she found her soul mate...Jay Perry. He is the perfect match for her. He's a very talented graphic/web designer and artist. What I'd call a "Big Brush". A match made in heaven. 

So on January 14, 2012 Jackie and Jay will wed and I will be the proudest person in that church and I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the gift I was given when God blessed me with her by beautiful daughter. I will pray for this  new chapter of  their lives. God Bless you both. I love you.


Jackie said...

Thanks, Mom. I love you too. :)

basketsbyrose said...

Beautiful post and a beautiful daughter! Blessing are being sent to the happy couple!

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