Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OFG Team Scavenger Hunt!

Do you like Prim and Cottage? I do. I am a part of a group of talented women on Etsy. The team is called Old Farmhouse Gathering and I've been a part of it since 2007...7 years! These ladies do a wonderful job with 100% handmade products. I have purchased a number of items from team members and can tell you that the quality is outstanding and the team members are so willing to work with you if you want a custom made product.

In this middle of this drab winter, our Team is sponsoring something fun to do. It's a Scavenger Hunt for Coupon Codes!  Here's how it works.

Click on one of the links below. It will go to that shop's About Page which will give you information about that artisan and her shop.  Some where in the write up is a
Coupon Code for a discount. All the discounts are  different and so are the codes. Look around their shop to see if there's something that appeals to you. This promotion runs from January 2 - January 16, 2014! So you have lots of time to look around.

Here's the list of the shops! (my shop)

Have Fun! I'm planning to Scavenger for some awesome 100% handmade items!

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Happy Valley Primitives said...

Such a great team and an awesome write up Joann! I had no idea that you've been a member for 7, how cool!!!


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