Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crazy Cockapoo

Luigi is my cockapoo. He turned 1 in September. That dog brings me such joy like you cannot believe. This past year was not a great one for me but coming home to him and his always upbeat personality was one of the reasons I got through the things I did. So I'm looking at him sleeping upside down on the couch and thinking of all the reasons I love him.

He is such a little clown. When I say patty cake and put out my hands he will sit up and pat them with his paws. He's just too cute for words.

The last time he went to the groomer I had her put red and green on his ears but it turned out pink and green...well I guess he is a Renaissance man.

We have a dancing singing snowman that is sound & motion activated. Luigi has learned if he touches him he will dance and sing. I'm so sick of listening to it. I should turn it off but it's so cute.

Anyway, ole Luigi loves being on the computer that one day I thought I should make him a facebook page so he could communicate with the world .

So he has a page now and you can be a Luigi fan. He loves having people read his posts and shares.

Here's the link.

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