Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My New Passion

Ink on clear glass ornaments.
Alcohol Inks!  Several years ago, I took a class at a painting conference. It was using alcohol inks on dominos to make into pendants. It was fun and I bought a few alcohol inks but I did nothing with it. Fast forward a few years and a facebook friend of mine Riv posted some of her work. One in particular really got my attention so I thought, "hey I've got those inks".

I had plenty of porcelain and glass being a china and decorative painter so I pulled out a few pieces, the inks and alcohol and gave it a whorl. They turned out beautiful. I was pulling out porcelain, antique

Inks on porcelain ornaments enhanced with gold leaf pen.
glass, glass vases, you name it I experimented on it. Alcohol inks are for nonporous surfaces but I pulled out bisc just for grins. That too had interesting results.

The freedom I find in letting the ink do it's abstracted thing is exhilarating.  I have learned this takes a bit of skill but more than that it takes patience. I'm not much of a patient person. I generally like to have immediate results but this is good because it's teaching me to wait and watch as I frequently just do it one drop at a time.

No now I'm obesessed. The next thing will be finding that yugo paper to do larger frameable art! Life is good especially with art....

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