Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Craft Show Reflections

Well this year's Christmas Craft Show at Oakdale Circle Studios was a success. Interestingly enough, Friday (the work day) was busier than Saturday (the off day). Crazy stuff. But craft shows are always interesting. You can never figure them out or what sells from year to year.

This year I dabbled in Steam Punk. Now I'm a traditional kinda girl so Steam Punk was a little out of my comfort zone but you never grow if you don't push yourself do ya?

So I china painted a few pieces which are pictured here.  I did a mug, hand mirror, plate and vase. And I made 2 necklaces that I didn't photograph (shame on me).  Out of all that, all that remains is the luster vase with the gear on it.

I would have never imagined that the steampunk would have gone. Now if I do more for next year, it likely won't sell. But I might do one or two more just for grins.  I definitely will do more of the necklaces.  My philosophy is to paint or make things that I really like so that if they don't sell it can be an excuse to be mine!  It was sad the necklaces were sold because I really liked those necklaces.  Oh well that's the great thing about being someone who can make things. You can always make another one for you!

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