Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Adventures...

Saturday was a fun day. My friends Patrica and Marie and I went to the Annapolis Arts & Crafts Festival in Annapolis at the Navy Marine Festival. There were lots of upscale craftsmen & artisans. Not to mention 17 wineries for wine tasting.  In the wine tent there was music. When we were there it was a jazz band. They were quite good. I wasn't flush with money but I did buy this heron for my garden. It spins and tips with the wind.  Afterwards we went to Art Things and I got some art supplies (I'm such an addict) .
On the way back we stopped at the flea market at the fair grounds. It was all but closed but there were a few places opened. I found a cool vase--hand blown glass. Anyway the woman wanted $5 but when I picked it up she said I'll give it to you for $1 because otherwise it goes to charity....wooo hooo.

At another table I found new children's books. Lots of them! I bought 7 first reader books for my 5 year old grandson Mason who agreed to read a book a day this summer on the days he is with me. What a great day!

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