Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Rock and Indie Sort of Day

The Annual Rock, Roll and Ride for the Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Martin's Home was today. Jackie and I painted garden rocks with quotes from Blessed Theresa of Calcutta, Blessed John Paul II and St. Jeanne Jugan (their foundress) for the fundraiser. This is our 3rd year doing that.  Before the Rockathon started there was a Motorcycle Ride. I believe 27 bikes showed up. It was so cute as they were leaving, the Sisters were waving and the bikers waving back. So cute.  
 Sister Lawrence was out there with a ball cap that was over her veil and 2 balloons attached. She took the hat off at one point and it nearly floated away! And then I thought a few more and she could float away. All I could think of was the flying nun but wait, that was  a Daughter of Charity, not a Little Sister.

Inside was the Rockathon. Rockers were rocking in rocking chairs to the sounds of the DJ. There were games. Jackie and I won quite a few of them. They had great prizes. I walked off with a frying pan, mug, 2 candy bars and 4 plants!  There was also a cake walk. I played 3 or 4 times but I didn't win a cake :( but the Oriole Bird won 2 cakes! Can you believe it? Wonder what kind he picked...maybe  poppy seed cake? LOL
It was nice to see Ms. Rose (one of the residents). She just celebrated her 100th birthday. She is pictured here with Jackie. I enjoy talking to her every year.  She is always full of interesting and entertaining stories.  Well I guess if I were 100 I could spin a few tales too, huh? Doesn't she look great for 100?  I hope I look half as good should I live to be that age.

On our way back from the Rockathon we went to an Indie craft show. Beautiful stuff but I had spent all my money on the Little Sisters....but that was more than okay. They really need it.

So tomorrow is Father's Day and I'm ready. My patio looks great...see the brick. You can see them now. I used my power washer to clean them. They were black! They were nice and clean but I was a mess. All the back dirt flew on me..I looked as if I had measles! LOL...but it was worth it. It's so pretty now and ready for my family to come for the cookout.

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