Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wedding is Over....

So the wedding is over and things have settled down. This week Glenn and I helped Jay move all his stuff to Jackie's boy oh boy....they've got a lot of things to go through. But I'm sure they will get it all taken care of in time and the place will be a perfect mesh of both him and her.

The wedding went off beautifully. Everything was perfect. From the weather to the ceremony. Thank you to Father Brian Nolan, Sister Liz Sjoberg and Deacon Joe Goldsmith for a beautiful ceremony.  Oh and to one of the bridesmaids Diana Healy for a beautiful "Ave Maria".

The hotel where we had the reception - Doubletree by Hilton BWI was incredible. They were so accommodating and helpful. I stayed there 4  days and it was one of the nicest hotel stays I've ever had.   Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  They even let us have the honeymoon suite early so Jackie and the girls could get ready for the wedding. 
All those little details came of perfectly as well. I have such wonderfully talented friends.   They helped make this day as special as my daughter is to me. Thank you friends.

 Beth Pardoe made the cake.  It was 5 flavors. And everyone raved about how good it was. It included funfetti which is Jackie's favorite. There was also Orange Chocolate for Jay. Also Almond, Lemon and Chocolate.

Allison Wade did the centerpieces, purse corsages, boutiners, corsages & bouquets.  Everything was equisite. The brooch bouquet was breath taking. Jackie had asked her to include a locket with a photo of her deceased grandmother and her friend who died in a car accident. She told her she 'wanted them in the wedding.' Allison put them right where Jackie could see them while she was going down the aisle. I cried when I saw it. It was so beautiful.

My friend, Jeannie O'Hare did the restoration to the gown. After 60 years the lace was a bit dry-rotted. She reinforced it with netting and where there were 2 stains from dye from a swatch of my bridesmaids fabric (which had somehow gotten into the bag with the gown) she did a wonderful job of hiding it with bridal could not tell. It looked like the designs were supposed to be there....Jeanne is incredible.

The men's boutineers were fun. They were feathers and buttons. Jackie loves feathers. Jay's included typewriter keys J and P. His grandfather had a typewriter repair shop years ago.  The kids also had a 100 year old manual typewriter for the guest book. It was cute.

Patricia Potze made the green silk pocket handkerchiefs. They looked perfect..Jackie wanted a touch of green. Her favorite color.

Then they were off to St. Augustine Florida for a week of relaxation but alas, they both got colds and came back sick. Of course, they shared their colds with me and her father...what are families for!

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