Friday, January 13, 2012

The Day Before....

Joey & Jackie, my son and daughter....
...the wedding of my baby girl. This morning we went to daily Mass at Holy Trinity with friends. One of them arranged for Jackie to get a bride's blessing. It was very special. Marlene is a good friend.  The readings today were about Israel who insisted on a King to rule them like the other nations.  The Priest said that they should have asked for was to follow God's plan. One of the things the priest said in the Homily was that we should all strive, not to be like other people as Israel wanted, but to be people of God.

When he blessed Jackie, he told her to not to be like other wives but a wife that God would want her to be. It made me think about when she was little. I always asked God for my children to bring glory to Him through their lives. I believe he has answered that prayer. I'm sure she will be the wife God wants her to be and I look forward to watching it happen!

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basketsbyrose said...

What a special blessing for your daughter. Enjoy tomorrow for it goes to fast watching them take the next big step in their lives! Hugs to your and the new bride!

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