Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Memories

So I was looking for a recipe for something and I came across this recipe and photo....boy did it bring back memories of Easter's gone by. I can remember going to my Father's Mother's house in Little Italy, Baltimore at Easter and seeing a bread similar to this one on my grandmother's kitchen table.

There would also be a lamb shaped cake as well. I used to love going to her house. The smells were incredible in that kitchen where her and my Aunt Nat would make the most wonderful meals. I can almost smell that spaghetti gravy (as we called sauce) which would cook for almost the entire day to make it that wonderful thick consistency. There was no Ragu in those days.  Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.  Here's the recipe just in case someone wants to make this bread. It's from AllRecipes website. Click Here

It's funny I should come across this today. Today is the clean up of an abandoned cemetery, St. Vincent's in Baltimore. There was a number of descrecrations to the point the tombstones were bulldozed to hide the dead and then the place was left to grow up into a jungle. I'm in a group trying to restore that cemetery were two children of my Grandmom, Beatrice Iori lie buried as babies, Angelo and Giovanni Iori, one died at 6 weeks and one died at birth. I guess Grandmom is letting me know she'll be there today with us. Pray for us and our's a website about the cemetery that I put together for the group:


Anonymous said...

I'm wishing you the very best Joann. It's wonderful what you are doing. it is also very sad that cemeteries are desecrated. Respect for those who have passed on is so little to ask.

I love your photo and your story. They brought back wonderful memories for me too. Thank you.


Marlene said...

That bread looks yummy. Your story reminded me of my grandma and her kitchen. Those were the best days.

art2cee2 said...

Your photo brought back a flood of memories for me as well. I am Greek-american and we always had a loaf of sweet bread at Easter, with a bright red egg in the middle. I don't know the exact reason but Greeks always colors the eggs red...have a great weekend

Joann said... might be in remembrance for the blood of Christ shed for us! :)

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