Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Feature

So this week to find my Friday Feature I had St Patty's Day on my mind so I searched for Green, Art and picked the first thing that appealed to me. Here it is....He is donating 100% of this purchase to the Japanese Red Cross.

It's from MantaWave Here's the link.

Gregory Bryant is from Norfolk, VA.
He got his name, "MantaWave" from mantarays and ocean waves -- two things he finds very inspiring. 

He indicates in his profile that he is "very interested the the spiral -- especially the spiral as it exists in Nature. It is omnipresent, from the tiniest (dna) to the grandest (spiral galaxies) and this fascinates me."  Gregory also is influenced by music (underground post punk & indie) and sea creatures (such as jellyfish and octopi), ancient maps, compass roses, fractals and crop circles/mazes as an art form.

He graduated with degree in Geography and traveled to Europe. During this trip he realized his desire to create

His shop is full of beautiful jewelry. He uses porcelain, a very durable clay. His glazes do not resemble a glazed clay but natural surfaces like stone, wood, metal, bone, etc.

So go check out his work. It's pretty awesome and so is his photography too!

Here's the link to that beautiful green piece of art.

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