Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh My! Like a Phoenix

Like a Phoenix the ACEO Magazine rises from the ashes! Once an in print magazine, it went under for various reasons. But now, thanks to Angela Taylor it lives on Flickr as an online magazine!  I recently joined the Flickr group and added some of my ACEO's to the group photos.

Angela is hard at work to make this online magazine fun and informative.  Each month the online magazine will run an  ACEO of the Month contest with a theme. This month's theme is Blue. Interpret it as you will, the color blue or the mood blue. The entries are judged by this time around by Angela Taylor and Andrew Kent.

The winning artist will have their work featured in an article. They will also recieve a badge for winning that can be used for their blog or any other purposes. This month the deadline for submissions is the 17th of Jan. Spread the word! The more the merrier!

Consider joining the  ACEO Online Magazine Group on Flickr. Contact  Angela (info@angelasartarea.com) to enter or if you would like to be a judge. Please note  judges are not eligible to enter.

Here's the link to the group on Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/groups/1574980@N20/

So join and enter!  The ACEO pictured entitled "Oh My" has been entered in this month's contest. It is not available for sale because it's been sold for some time now!

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Marlene said...

Hi Joann, sounds interesting but I am going to have to think about it. I am really hesitant to join anything else right now, so busy as it is.

Marlene said...

Joann, I have passed an award on to you, you can pick it up at my blog.

art2cee2 said...

I do a lot of ACEO's and the group you mention sounds interesting. Don't know much about fliker but I am going to look into it. Nice blog. :-)

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