Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Feature

It's that time again.....boy the week goes by quickly. I'm still featuring people who "favorite" my porcelain.  Today's pick is for my heart plate kitty pictured below.

The last person who favorited it was Stone Cottage Studio her shop name to go to it.   The little rock star to the left is one of her 8x10 prints in her shop. I love her work. it's what I'd call "happy art". It makes me smile.

She is an acrylic artist who sometimes dabbles in watercolors and oils, even an occasional colored pencil drawing. She's offering a Free ACEO with every order and will do custom work.  Many of her prints are available in a variety of sizes and many originals are still available.

She is member of the DAWG Team, Designing Artist Women's Group on etsy as well as Acetsy team- Aceo team.  This is so funny because I didn't recognize the shop name and she's on 2 teams I am. Turns out she's also Backroomtreasures - Judy O'Hara. It's her second shop. You've got to check it out when she's back from vacation. She is quite a talented artist.

Also please check out her wonderful blog:   She finally finished her quilt. She painted all the blocks and then quilted them gotta see it!
Here's the link to the Kitty Heart Dish:


art2cee2 said...

that is the cutest kitten plate. I am a sucker for orange kitties.

Marlene said...

The plate is great, I love all your porcelain and it is hard to pick a favorite. Judy's work is fabulous and her quilt is amazing.

Lisa said...

What a sweet kitty, Your work is just wonderful on the porcelain, Great to see a dawg team member featured, Bravo!! :)

Beth said...

How nice to be featuring some of your "hearts". Love your blog!

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