Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I got a Blog Award---How About That!

Well, well, I was awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award"  from Marlene at Marlene's Musings. Marlene is along time online friend and fabulous artist.  I hope you will click on the link to her blog. You won't be disappointed.

Part of accepting this award is to tell 7 things about yourself.
 So what should I tell you..

1) My grandparents on both sides were from the "old country" My Dad's parents from Italy and my Mom's from Russia Poland (at the time that's what it was called).
2) I have 2 cats or the girls as I call them. Lily and LeeLu
3) My favorite vacations are cruises but now that my parents are up in age I'm afraid to go that far from them.
4) My favorite place on the Earth is the Ocean, where I feel the presence  power and might of God.
5) When I look a things I have a habit of trying to figure out what color on my china paint pallet that thing might's kind of comical.
6) I have 2 grown children who I love very much and a grandson who's 4.
7) I married my High School sweetheart sort of. Well I was in high school, he was out and had gone to another high school so I guess he wasn't really the high school sweetheart but we have been married  35 years this February!!!!

So now I'm supposed to send it to 15 blogs I follow but I, like Marlene, plan to do a short list. So here it is please go check out their blogs.

Thoughts to Ponder On

Well that's it for now...I've gotta go take my Dad to the Dentist or the list would be longer. Please visit their blogs and support their art.


Marlene said...

Joann, it was fun to read your 7 things and I actually did learn a little more about you. Thanks for accepting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joann! I enjoyed reading a few things about you. People are so interesting, especially artists. By the way I love your artwork...congrats on that also...Jan

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