Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Feature

Today's Friday Feature is someone that has crossed my path several times in my online history. Melody Lea Lamb first crossed my path on Ebay. We were both ACEO artists there. Of course I think of her as a "big brush" and me a "little brush"! :)  Then I ran into her on Etsy. Later on Twitter. She's always tweeting away there! I can always find her generously promoting others on Follow Fridays!  And more recently I found her on Facebook. 

I  have always admired her work. Her animal art is incredible. They look as if they will jump off the page! Sp recently when she tweeted a blog give away, I was there! Much to my surprise I won the give away and was able to choose a beautiful porcelain ornament from her CafePress shop (see she IS everywhere!). It was so hard but I ended up choosing a cute chipmunk. I received it the other day and it is sooo beautiful. I cannot wait to put it on my tree!

So a little about Melody. Besides her beautiful animals, she also paints fairies & mermaids. Poking around her website I found out she also illustrates children's books! (who knew!).  She works primarily in mixed media of colored pencil, indian ink, watercolor and acrylic.

She also is a co-leader & supports an animal charity called Art For Critters,  a percentage of her sales go towards animals in need. Her art is very affordable in the form of small art & (ACEOs)

She sells from her  blog and on Etsy. She also sells archival prints  on Etsy, ArtFire, eBay, and in her website's seven virtual galleries   She also sells over 6000 art gifts in her Gift Shop and  Bonanzle shop. I told you she's everywhere!

Her prices range from under five dollars for prints and bookmarks, to over three hundred dollars for the original miniatures. 

So please go check out Melody at any of her sites and look for her on facebook and twitter as well.  Here's here webpage:


Barb said...

Her work is outstanding! Congratulations on your win. I am headed to her place now to check it all out!
Enjoy your day,

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks SO much JoAnn and Barb! JoAnn, I would have commented much sooner but couldn't see the place to leave a comment til now! lol
Once again, thanks for you very kind article. **Hugs**

Joann said...

You are welcomed Melody! :)

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