Monday, November 15, 2010

Bus to No Where

So Saturday, my daughter, me and a friend spent a lot of money to go to see Cirque du Soleil in Madison Square Garden. We were really excited about our trip!

I was the first to arrive at Gunther Charters in Harmans, Maryland. It was I walked up to the office and the man says, "where you going?" I told him New York. He said "Oh that trip was moved to next Saturday. Everyone's been called. But you are the third one who showed up."  So I said, "Well then I guess not everyone was called."

I grabbed my phone called my daughter & friend who were on their way. Neither one had any call and obviously the two other ladies who were not with me didn't get called. So I call Gunther Charters today and told them what happened and asked for a credit or refund. Nora kept saying....everyone was called. I told her she wasn't listening, I didn't get a call and neither did four other people!  But she insisted and said no refund no credit so I cancelled all my trips for 2011.

I'm madder than a hornet. I've posted every where, Facebook and Twitter and now on my wait to
I can't believe they wouldn't at least credit me. I've planned many many trips with lots of people with their lesson learned. NEVER USE GUNTHER CHARTERS of  Harmans, Maryland for your bustrips!

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readingsully2 said...

I have a letter to write to a doctor. I have not done it yet. This has encouraged me.

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