Saturday, October 2, 2010

The SKETCHBOOK has arrived!

Well yesterday I received me Sketchbook. I have been thinking about it since I sent for it and I was so excited I worked on it right away.

My theme is Make Mine a Double. I have finished one of the pages.  In reading about this sketchbook project I had heard the pages were very thin and boy are they!  So rather than glue the pages together and loosing pages as others have done, I think what I'll do is do a piece of art on the right and then on the left glue a piece of artpaper on it with a quote, line from a song or some other thing that might relate to my artwork.  I haven't begun working on that as yet but it's coming. I was thinking for the cheeseburger to have the nutritional content! I'll post photos when I finish it. But the art first!

I had wanted to do watercolor but the pages are so thin so I am going to work lightly with watercolor pencils and control the amount of water I use on the brush.
Colored pencils seem to work the best so far for me. The Double Cheeseburger is colored pencil. The cover is Delta Acrylic paints sprayed with a matt finish.


readingsully2 said...

Cute Cover and can't wait to see more.

Lee said...

Looking Good, Joann! I like that theme :D

Good for you opting in on this project. Does the tour stop nearby so you can check out yours and the others?

Joann said...

Yes in Washington DC

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