Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More from the Sketchbook

Two more pages from my sketchbook. Remember my theme is Make Mine a Double.

"Two" Colored Pencil
This page was fun to do. I just doodled some twos and filled them in with colored pencil. The page to the left is some scrapbooking paper glued to the page. I like that way that turned out. It looks nice. I was a little disappointed because when I sprayed the arrow the spray glue got a little thick in one area. I should have just redone it but I thought the glue would dry away. No luck. So I'm stuck with a wet looking mark but I learned a valuable lesson from it! Next time just redo it!
"Mirror Mirror" watercolor pencils

The mirror, mirror page is watercolor pencils. I was trying to be so frugal with the water and paint so that it didn't go through. I'm no so crazy about how this turned out. I may work a little more on it. In fact the first page I did, the Double Cheeseburger I went back and put more detail and then a red and blue line at the bottom. I replaced the scan on the last blog about the sketchbook. It needed something it was up too far and I guess I didn't plan the page out well enough. The lines help fill the page.

Well this sketchbook is not so easy to work with because the pages are so thin. If I stick to colored pencil I think I'll be okay. I had to glue a couple pages together because you could see the art from the other side. I kind of like the 2 pages together because it gives it some substance. Stay tuned for more pages from the book.

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Lee said...

You are on a roll! Great entries for your theme, Joann. Thanks for sharing!
I have a tough time finding books that handle watercolor...I like lots of water.
These were probably made with graphite and charcoal in mind. Colored pencil and maybe conte crayon would work too. If the pages are too thin, even pen work is too much.

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