Sunday, July 12, 2009

ICU and a Surreal Moment in Time

This morning I was reflecting on the past 4 days at the Hospital ICU. There was one particular moment that will be forever etched in my mind and heart. At one point we were in the waiting room just talking.

There were a number of people in there. One group of people had been asked by hospital staff to come outside the room. The 3 ladies returned. One lady collapsed sobbing and uttering sounds of such pain that it tore through my heart and soul.

At that very moment the TV behind me was on and the sound of "Ave Maria" filled the waiting room. The other 2 women were holding that woman in their arms. One was praying, "Dear Jesus, hold her in your arms and give her comfort........."

It was the most moving moment I've ever experienced in my life. I said to Jackie and Jay, we need to leave and give them privacy and with that everyone in the waiting room did the same. Everyone leaving that room was in tears and at that one moment as we passed each other and looked into each others eyes, we were all drawn together feeling like one family in Christ...feeling the same or white, old or young, man or woman.


Marlene said...

What a moving, touching moment.

readingsully2 said...

Wow, Joann. No words for this.

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