Monday, July 13, 2009

Hospital Humor-I Needed This!

So yesterday, I'm at the University of Maryland Medical Center hospital with my Mom and there are two younger very hispanic looking men in there too. We walk in. They look at us. Mom says "7 Please." The one near the buttons looks at us like he didn't get what she said.

I say in Spanish, "Siete Por Favor". Looks at me and smiles. He pushes 7. I say "Gracias". Then I turn to Mom and say, "Well, that's the extent of my Spanish." The doors open. He turns laughing and says in perfect English, "Bye have a nice day."

It was like a bad sit-com but everytime I think of it I chuckle......they say laughter is the best medicine...I could use a good dose with all this going on.

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