Thursday, May 15, 2008

Diver Dan............. newest watercolor art card (ACEO) in my etsy shop. Well I'm back from my cruise and this seemed the perfect thing to feature today.

I had a wonderful time. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. The caribbean islands were BEAUTIFUL. We had calm seas. It was so relaxing - 9 days....perfect perfect perfect.

You can view the pictures. They are ALL uploaded to my photo website:
Make sure to go to the right side of the screen when you open the album for each island and click on's easier than trying to look at each picture individually.

You can also read about it on my personal website:

This diver card reminds me of one of our excursions. We took a partial sub ride. You sit in the lower part of the boat and each person has a window and a seat facing it that you straddle as the vessel goes over the reef. It's so cool. But when you are underwater like that you turn blue because of the lack of sun so that's why the pictures of me and Glenn are blue! There was a diver who rounded up some critters for us to see upclose and personal. Not sure what his name was but Diver Dan seemed right for this watercolor. Actually I did it before I left for the trip.....must have known I'd run into a diver along the way!

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kris said...

WEll, I looked at your pics.........beautiful places!! I have never been on a cruise, let alone out of the country, so I envy you seeing all that beauty. Hope you had a wonderful time!!!
Kris :)

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