Saturday, April 12, 2008


....sounds like a song I once sang.....well actually last night I had the honor of chaperoning 8 kids from the church youth group to a Men In Black Basketball game. The MIB are the priests and the game is against the youth of the area. It's always lots of fun and the focus is vocations, bringing more young people to consider the religious life....Heaven knows we need more priests, nuns, brothers, etc. It was lots of fun. I don't have any kids in the Youth Group but I still volunteer long after my kids have aged out of it. In fact my daugher who is 25 is an adult volunteer to.

Back to the game. This time the priests won. Last time the kids did! We had such a great time. There are 40 in our youth group, just wish more would have gone. It was a blast.

Why did I post this picture???? Well it reminds me of Westminister, Maryland where the game was held. There are lots of farms there. This is a watercolor ACEO on sale in my etsy shop It's $8.99 - free shipping.

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