Thursday, May 22, 2014

Be Observant!

You never know where you will find art!  There's a new art movement called Art Abandonment. It's a global movement where art is left in various places for unsuspecting people.

I recently left art in the subway in Rome, Italy and in the airport in New York City.

My latest abandonment was in the local Walmart dressing room pictured here. It is an original ACEO card in alcohol ink on yupo paper.

The card inserted was printed from a template provided by the Art Abandonment group on Facebook. It reads It's Your Lucky Day! You've found free art.  It goes on to explain the concept and give the URL of the Facebook group and an email address where the recipient can reply.  Every now and then the group leader will do a mail call for group members. I'd say 90% of the drops do not receive a response but many of the ones who do respond are touching stories of how they found it and how it made their day. Some people keep them. Some people pass them along to friends or family with health or other issues.

Our Alcohol Ink Artists Group on Facebook encourages abandonment as well.  So pay attention when you are out and about. You might find a piece of art, a piece of jewelry, a craft item, or a card. You never know what it is but it will be tagged with some kind of note letting you know that it's your lucky day.

Joann Y Wheeler

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