Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mason Adventures

 I am having such a fun summer with my 5 year old grandson. Recently my son received 50 percent custody of Mason. On Joe's week, I take care of Mason when Joe's wife Diana has to work. This week, Diana is in New Mexico. Her grandmother has been ill. So I've been with Mason every day.  I try to keep him busy doing something all the time.

This morning started off with him wanting silly photos at Joe's.  He has always loved hamming it up for the camera....He's just like his Dad was at that age.  Then he wanted breakfast out so we went to Burger King. He discovered French Toast slices. I love to be with him when he finds something new he likes. He's always making ummm sounds and saying this is delishus (delicious). 

Afterwards we went back to my house  where I taught him to shuck corn. What a hoot. It was entertaining to say the least as he wrestled with the corn. I was going to take him to the bouncy place at the Mall but he informed me that is for babies. So we went duck pin bowling. I invited by brother's girlfriend Megan and Diana's brother Jeremy and his 7 yr old son Alexander went. We had a great time.

On the way out of the bowling alley we stopped to play the arcades. The boys had a blast. Mason loved the skeet ball game. He gets it honestly. My husband is a big fan of that game too. He was so tickled several times he managed to get the 10,000 point spot which is not easy to get. Thursday is going to be movie day...we are going to see Brave. Can't wait for more Mason Adventures.

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