Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feature

So I'm a little late this am getting this up. My cold has knocked me out! I'll be glad when it goes away. But enough about me. As usual, I picked someone who "hearted" one of my handpainted porcelain pendants (pictured below) 
This time, it's not an artist but someone who sells on the vintage side.  The shop name is ShabbyPinkFlamingo, Barbara Hannah from Douglasville Georgia.. Here's the link:
Her shop carries a wide variety of items that are Victorian, romantic, vintage, and shabby chic. According to her profile she got the name of her shop from her love of shabby chic items and pink flamingos.  She also seems to do some upcycling as well.

I love profiles because they give you some insight into the person. Her's says,  she loves going to yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets and consignment malls (my kind of gal)  She's been  happily married for 32 years and has one grown son.  She also claims 4 water turtles and 3 cats and she adopted sea turtle named Spitfire and an adopted manatee named Whiskers. Now as a former employee of a natural resource agency, I'm hoping that her adoptees are still int he wild and not in her bathtub! LOL 
The item pictured at the top is my favorite from her shop. Here's the link to the listing:

The pendant to the right is the one she hearted in my shop. Here's the link to that listing:

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Barbara Hannah said...

Thankj you so much for adding my watering can planter and story to your blog. It makes me feel as though I'm doing something right and good. Thanks again and the best of luck with your shop this year. Barbara

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