Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Feature

Today's Friday Feature is someone who "favorited" one of my pieces of porcelain pictured below from my shop: JYWheeler on Etsy.

Turns out it a friend Brenda Thour. Her shop is Luv2Paint on Etsy!  Brenda is from Minnesota so that's probably why the snow scene appealed to her!  Her Etsy shop is full of beautiful wildlife and animals. She's even turned some of her art into pendants. The zebra pictured is one of my favorite pieces of hers. The fact that it's in Africa and it's hot there probably appealed to me. I'm ready for summer! LOL

Brenda  is such a talented painted. I've known her a long while as she is a member of my DAWG Team on Etsy.

She also sells on, and has a  blog at  Become her fan on facebook. or follow her on Twitter  So go grab a cup of coffee and check out her sites!

The hand painted procelain box is available in my Etsy's the link:


art2cee2 said...

Very beautiful painting. Love the box too! :-)

Lee said...

Lovely painting! Brenda has a way with animals.

Beautiful box, Joanne! Your porcelain pieces are gorgeous.

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