Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Feature

So this week's Friday Feature is taking a little detour. I know I've been featuring folks who have 'hearted' me on Etsy but I found someone interesting somewhere else. Meet Katka Holloman Lucanova -- "Kate"

According to her blog profile she is from the Heart of Europe, the Czech republic. She lived there for 20 years, met her husband at a christian camp, got married and then after a year together in the CZ moved to the States. Kate is a member of my ACEO Online Magazine Group on Facebook.

She's a very talented artist. The horse pictured to the right is one of my favorie pieces in her Etsy shop:

  She posted a link to her blog on our group. The blog features a little character called Jimmy the Sheep. To the right is a Jimmy the Sheep ACEO available in her Etsy shop.  He was born in 2005 and was in  children's magazine in the Czech and Slovak republics. The blog will follow his life of Christian Virtues and struggles.

In her recent blog post Kate says: "To smile is better than to worry! And a happy one goes through life better than the grumpy."   Amen to that Kate!  I was the first follower of her blog so follow her blog & join me in watching what Jimmy gets into:


Marlene said...

Her artwork is gorgeous and I love Jimmy. Thank you for introducing her to me.

art2cee2 said...

Love the artwork! :-)

KateH said...

Hi, thanks everyone and thank you Joann for featuring me! You put it together really nicely :)
and thanks for liking my horse too - I love horses and always enjoyed drawing/painting them. I have to get into it more again.

And possibly I will make a new blog that will be about my other art besides Jimmy, I am already thinking of its speciffics.

Everyone in the ACEO Online magazine has been so nice to me! I almost can't believe it.

thank you, again :)

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