Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Fall....

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 ...but in many ways it still feels like Summer to me. That's fine with me as Summer IS my favorite season. But you can tell that Nature knows it's Fall. The trees are changing even though the temperature has not been cool. Then there's all the pine cones in my yard. Well actually reminants of pine cones are there. I have these 40 ft. scrub pines in my yard and there are lots of squirrels who live at the top of those trees.

In Fall they all go crazy chomping on the pine cones. The pieces are all over the place, my patio is covered and every other day I have to go out there and sweep. I hate those little pieces because you can't go in the yard barefoot. They have little sharp edges which end up in your foot! Ouch! But I know those little squirrels are happy to have those tasty pinecones....they must be good as I haven't seen any whole ones laying around!


Barb said...

Your painting is beautiful!! And on Porcelain! Fabulous...I just love your artwork.

Marlene said...

gorgeous painting Joann.

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